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December 17th:  Super-stoked to start filming 'Sandy' directed by Kyle Gipson!  More info on this fun project coming soon...

December 5th:  Tonight I had a great time reading with The Liars' League NYC.  The evening is being released as a podcast, so feel free to download it here :)

November 2nd:  Who has two thumbs and a reading with The McCarter Theater?  This guy.

October 15th:  L'illusion Comique opens this week!  Check us out at Under St. Marks, I'm super proud of this one.

September 4th:  Surprise!  One actor down, one swing down, and I get a phone call!  Joining the Equalogy tour for three performances.  Leaving tomorrow morning!

August 12th: Booked the role of Clindor in L'illusion Comique.  Check it out at Under St. Marks in October and in the New Orleans Fringe Festival in November.  Look out Nah-leans, here I come!  Visit their website here.

July 13th: I just accepted a job directing the tour of Equology INC, a theatre-for-social-change project that deals with acquaintance rape.  I'm so excited to be working with this amazing company on such relevant material.

 July 12th: Filmed a campaign today for United Colors of Benetton.  It's projecting on these huge screens out front of their shop in Milan.  Fancy!

June 26th: Final callback for ESPN Commercial through Stacy Gallo.

June 12th: Tomorrow is opening night for Waiting for Lefty.  For details and tickets check out The Honest Liar's website.  Also look for updated Photos.

May 20th: Had such a blast workshopping Departuresby Kenneth Heaton.  Check for stills now in the Photos section, and check back for details on a proper run in November!

May 2nd: Auditioned for and booked a commercial today!  Its through producers at Dorian Orange to promote NYC Parks.  Filming Saturday!

April 16th:  Only one more day on set with The Angelheads.  I can't wait to see the finished project!

April 10th:  Busy week!  Found out I'll be working on a show called Departures (workshopping in May for a run in November) with Under the Bridge, as well as Waiting for Lefty with The Honest Liars.  Looking forward to a busy couple of months!

March 21st: I am officially a company member of Judith Shakespeare Co!  Super stoked.

March 15th: I'll be reading the role of Malcolm in Judith Shakespeare Company's shakespeare-a-thon on April 21st.  Its a fundraiser, so check out their website here, and then make a donation by clicking here.

February 15th: Whew!  In the past seventy-two hours I've auditioned for, booked, filmed, and wrapped a commercial for Samsung!

January 24th: NY Times Blog found one of the Angelheads teaser trailers and posted us online.  Check it out here.

January 23rd:  Booked a video project with DKB Medical filming tomorrow night!

December 20th: Two week hiatus from filming — Happy holidays everybody!

November 13th: First day on set of Angelheads!

November 3rd: Booked a lead in my first feature!  I’ll be playing Wes in ‘The Angelheads.’ The title is an allusion to Ginsberg’s ‘Howl’ (angel headed hipsters burning for the ancient heavenly connection…) about young artist’s search for identity in downtown NYC.  Right up my alley!

October 17th:  ’Revenge of the Egg’ was screened tonight as a part of the Gotham Film Festival.  Awesome!

October 12th: First day working on a short film called ‘Dreams and Wheels’ with Jesse Richton.  Should be pretty fun!

September 6th: Having spent every night of the past two weeks in a different town, looking forward to a week hiatus at home before hitting the road again!

August 30th: Just fount out I’ll be working on a Webseries about two hipsters that move to Harlem. Coincidentally, I’m moving to Harlem today… and I’ve been called a hipster once or twice…

August 21st: ‘Sex Curve’ was nominated for MITF Outstanding production of a play! Great job gang!

August 13th: Finishing up rehearsals for Equalogy Inc, getting ready to hit the road for six weeks. The show is in really great shape; we are doing a preview in the city tomorrow, drop me a line if you can make it and I’ll give you the details.

August 10th: Tonight was the screening of ‘Revenge of the Egg!’ I hadn’t seen it other than a VERY rough cut, and it looks great! I’ll post some clips on the site soon.

July 20th: Opened ‘Sex Curve’ tonight at the Midtown International Theatre Festival! Such a great night…a really awesome crowd! Thanks to those who made it out :-)

July 9th: Wrapped up shooting ‘Revenge of the Egg’ today. What a great experience.

June 14th: I’ve officially signed on to do five more weeks of touring with Equalogy INC. First show is on August 18th, my birthday!

June 12th: I booked the role of Josh (the nerdy next-door-neighbor-who-who-gets-the-girl) in ‘Sex Curve,’ which will go up as a part of the New York International Theatre Festival July 21st. Check it out!

May 2nd: I was cast as Eddy in ‘Revenge of the Egg,’ a short comedy. I’ll keep you posted as it goes into production.

April 20th: Opening of ‘In Vino Veritas’ at La MaMa! I’m really proud of this improv-based interactive piece. Come support!